Training Options

We offer several training packages to suit your needs. Before you book a board and train package we are also available for lessons, please contact us to learn more about pricing and availability.

We also offer boarding (without training) at a rate of $40/night. In general, board and train pricing is $100/night however we offer discounts to rescues and multi-dog packages. Contact us to discuss.

Lessons can be at your house, or a local park.


I. Puppy 2 week Board and Train:

Let us get your puppy started off on the right paw! This includes potty training, crate training, manners, beginning obedience like sit, stay, come and lie down. Also your puppy will learn leave-it and walking nicely on a leash. This is appropriate for 4 months old to 1 year.


II. Adult 2 week Board and Train:

This is for a bit older puppies. 🙂 Includes everything that a puppy program would but additionally we can work on that perfect heel position, tricks, extended down stay, out of sight stays, and with the right dogs we can train off leash heel (subject to evaluation.) This program is flexible to whatever you may want your dog to learn. We have access to a network of appropriately socialized older dogs which may be necessary in correcting some dog-dog behaviors. We can evaluate per case basis.


III. 2 week Sport and Train:

Our staff of trainers have trained multiple time national champions in dog agility and disc. They have competed in Europe and trained dog handlers from around the world. We want to help you achieve your goals in whatever sport you want to excel in. Our sport foundation is one of the best and we will guarantee our work. Need help with your weave poles? Want us to teach your dog tricks necessary for disc, like foot stall and back vault? We can train your dog for competitive obedience or dock diving or rally-o. We’ve also trained dogs in nose work and tracking. Let us know what you want your dog to learn!


IV. Fat Camp (2-4 weeks)

It happens, we’ve all been there. We can train your dog on the exercises necessary to build fat burning muscle. We will also get them acquainted with a daily routine that will help them have cardiovascular strength to support exercise. We can help you design a diet plan that will leave your dog satisfied while also reducing daily calories.