Puppy Challenge

Calling All Puppies!

The two rounds of Puppy Challenge have closed for now. Contact us if you are interested in being informed when a new series begins.

If you are interested in the 35 exercises for sport puppy foundation it is available by download for $25, contact me below:



Here’s how it works:

Earn points towards an overall Puppy Champion (total of 38 points/week), intent is to focus on behaviors needed to provide a foundation for sports puppies, but not focus on a particular sport. We will interact via a facebook group.

Each week earn points via-

  • two 10 point challenge behaviors (these will be focused on building body awareness and duration, like feet in a box, back up onto something, stays with distractions etc)
  • one bonus 15 point challenge (more complicated behaviors, access to a tunnel needed)
  • Extra 3 points each week for taking your puppy somewhere in public, park, coffee shop, mall, dinner etc. (must be somewhere new each week).

We will post a video each Monday, explaining the challenges and showing some problem solving with actual puppies. Submit your video back by Sunday night and we will grade your responses.


At the end of the 6 weeks, you may post an additional *BONUS* video to be graded by 3 impartial judges (not us-we’re still asking around). This will be worth up to 100 points and will be judged based on age of the puppy, as we understand an older puppy may be physically capable of a different behavior than a younger one.

Champion will receive a cash prize.

Cost is $75 USD.

Any questions, feel free to ask!